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Our Females



We love all our animals at C&K Southern Doodles, but Lady is one of the most beautiful sheepadoodles we have ever seen. She has an ambrè coat that is brown that softly fades to a white in her legs (Cafe color). She is very active and loving. Her favorite thing is when daddy comes home and plays fetch. She is a F1bb Sheepadoodle. She has been genetic and health tested with Embark and is cleared.


Chloe- Retired 

Chloe is the heart of our breeding program. She is our sassy 7lb toy poodle. She is the definition of the perfect lap dog. She is most happy in someone’s lap or perched up on something soft. She also enjoys long car rides where she is able to stick her head out of the window. Chloe is now retired and living happily in the home with us as a lap dog. 


Harley is AKC 14 lb tri-colored Mini Australian Shepherd. She is very high energy but is always down for some cuddles. She enjoys traveling with her mommy and playing with her siblings. She is very loyal and a family oriented dog. Harley has been embark tested (cleared) and has also had OFAs on her hips, elbows, and eyes (cleared).

Meet the parents: Our Females

Our Males

Breeding Perfection

Justin- Retired


This is Justin, Choles boyfriend. Justin is a AKC retired show dog that loves to strut his stuff. While Justin does not live in our home he is very well maintained and healthy living with a family member.  All of the adorable past litter maltipoo puppies are from Justin and Chloe.


This is Ferdinand, Lady's boyfriend. Ferdinand is a cute and sweet as he appears in this photo. He is a 65-pound AKC old English sheepdog that is basically a living stuffed animal. He is very smart and well-mannered but craves attention from his family. Luckly this big teddy bear has 4 young kids to keep him entertained (or maybe the other way around as he does allow them to cuddle with him like a stuffed animal.) He has been embark tested and is clear.

Issac- AKC Toy Poodle

This is Issac, he is a AKC Toy Poodle and is 12lbs. His parents describe him as quirky. He is embark tested (cleared) and has passed OFA Hips, Elbows, and Heart. 

Meet the parents: Males
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